Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey, that cunt's not breathing

'Too much espresso' seems to be the biggest problem I'm having as of late. It really is a problem. The other day I had to get off the bus 4 stops early and walk the cold, remaining distance to work.
Shit's serious.

Anyway, I spent close to two hours writing in my little journal yesterday. I was quite amused by the things I wrote although they were mostly serious.

Sometimes I think I would be absolutely fine completely alone in the world, but I know this is not true. Most days, I walk to work thinking 'I fucking hate every one of you people' (and I pass a lot of people), but just like the deep sea, I think the human mind is one of the remaining mysteries of our time!!!! Although most are largely predictable....those are the ones I don't like. However, they're the ones who give life the stability it needs to be understood.

I let myself talk so far into obscurity that what I'm saying loses meaning and becomes just a string of words.Who cares what I'm saying? Does what I mean matter? Does meaning matter? Does matter mean anything, anyway? So I'm getting carried away. So I am.

Sha-la-la-la, man...


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