Thursday, February 28, 2013

constant battle

I will write today. Of the many cracks in my brain, I can expose one or two.

That's one thing I'm not good at - self-exposure. Other than the indecent kind, but that's easy.

To become admit to someone you have faults, misgivings, hangups, and that you're just not as cool as you do such an excellent job of making yourself out to be.

I'm kind of trying that...but I kind of hate it because it robs me of all future conquests, and at what cost beside the obvious? This is what makes me feel good about myself, as pathetic as it may seem, and as injurious it is to other parties involved. I should have said 'as pathetic as it is.' I try not to mortally injure...just enough to make them succumb and feel as they have lost. I don't really want anything from them.

I'm beginning to see this borderline hatred I have for the male sex and all their


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