Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No pictures, please

They really add something to this blog. Unfortunately, I haven't been taking those kind of pictures. My shyness has nearly completely disappeared, so now I'm only afraid some passerby will be like, 'hipster be postin' to Instagram,' which is mostly true but something I am still shy about. Oh the judgment! How sensitive I still am to the silliest things. Another thing I've nearly lost: sensitivity. Not necessarily something I'm too proud of or happy about. Funny, because my, how long I wished it gone.

So here's a picture of my new 'work zone' in which I'm actually currently occupying! In this photo, we see a 40-year old dirty slut of a camera, a fake plant and weird desk lamp courtesy of IKEA, some sort of holiday scented candle, the centerpiece of this photo: a Chinese elder aboard some form of sea-going VEAssel (Aussie accent), my keyboard, headphones, a collection of Joplin's piano rags, a light switch and the obligatory dorm room Christmas lights essential to every 27 and 33-year old's bedroom.

Maybe it's because neither of us graduated college, maybe it's because we have a loft bed, perhaps it's because I needed some diffuse lighting down here, or maybe I just fucking like Christmas lights.

This blog is neither my creative outlet, my quotidian documentation, nor does it contain any rants secondary to my serious collection of emotional baggage. Hey, fellas ;) Anyway, it's more like a arghghgiaieafh939 let's write shit stream of consciousness and hopefully one of my friends will find it amusing (yes, that says 'shit stream'). I have a notebook for my creative stuff that I intend on developing, a journal for pure reporter-esque documentation, and another notebook for the emotional shit which I never have with me when I need it. I also have a conglomerate of small notebooks and scraps of paper, which I started to consolidate a year and a half ago, but SHOCKER never finished.


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