Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Sometimes it's nice to sit down and let your imagination run your brain. It's completely normal.

But I do it all.the.time. and it's just disruptive.
They're all the same. They all represent something that occupies your thoughts, time, or actions when you should be focused on something else. Some are positive, some negative. A disruption is obviously negative, annoying even. A diversion is obviously positive - diverting, if you will! AH-hah! AH-hah!(chuckle รก la Disney's Robin Hood Prince John: 'Taxes! Beautiful, lovely taxes!')

But a, my what a distraction can be. Sure it can be negative...texting while you should be concentrating on driving, an inability to complete tasks at the level you normally would (ie: 'sorry, I'm just distracted'). A distraction can also be positive: a friend taking someone out after a breakup or just a bad day at work. Work itself can even be a distraction from whatever shit you have going on at home. 

I am constantly distracted by daydreams. I'd rather sit and imagine things than do things that require little thought: cleaning, organizing, laundry, going to the post office or the dmv, etc. THINGS THAT I AM REQUIRED TO DO, NONETHELESS. Basically, instead of getting things done I sit and think. Recently I've been trying to study and all I can do is daydream about an encounter that regardless of what it meant, is in the past. I know a recurrence is not out of the question, but amusingly, that's not what I focus on. I focus on the moments that were real - the words that were spoken and what they looked like, felt like, when they came from your lips. I think about the way your voice sounds when you speak to me, just me. 

can't I ever say to you just what I mean?


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