Monday, March 17, 2014

I'd rather stay home and drink Gallons of wine

You fucking pussy. Who ever gave you the right to talk shit about my relationship?
I suppose you have it. I suppose everyone does.
Point is, I'm saying it's not fucking cool.

What I think is that you talk shit because you're not happy with your own.
You pretend you could do it better.
You pretend you could make me happier.
You can pretend all you want, but you don't actually want to do any of it.
You just want to make yourself feel better about your shitty, sad, pathetic, boring life.

I am sorry that things are that way for you. I am not heartless.
I'm so far from it.
I wish I could fix those things for you even though you use me the way you do.
What I'm saying is that it's not personal. I'd do the same for anyone - no matter how badly they treated me.
This is an often painful situation. WHATEVER, I just found this and it is awesome.


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