Saturday, January 16, 2016

Not that girl

I know the things they say:

'Relationships are hard'
'Relationships are about compromise'
'No relationship is perfect' 

Et fucking cetera. Right we all know it's impossible to coexist with another human in a romantic way without problems. But the good should outweigh the bad. And YES, day-to-day compromise is a necessary and wonderful thing. To give your love something they want in exchange for something you want is a beautifully unselfish thing. You do it just to make them happy, just because you love them. You don't get what you want, but you get something better: knowing that the one you love is happy. It's not only unselfish, it's private, which is probably the pinnacle of romantic relationships...the privacy. What goes on between the 2 of you when no one else is around, the things no one else knows, the things you do just for each other and no one else. 

Yes, compromise is nice. But when you find that your values and the very essence of your being are what's being compromised, that's not ok. And when you find that, it should hit you hard. It shouldn't be something that you let continue. It can't continue. 


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