Sunday, March 19, 2017


heartbreak on heartbreak on heartbreak
the others seem so frivolous now
but they are my life
and life is fucking precious
fucking fleeting
must cherish even the silliest of things
ex-boyfriends and old crushes, flames extinguished

it's all ok. it's ok to feel and it's ok to let go. it's ok to care and it's ok to care too much. everything is ok. more than ok, everything is to be thankful for - even when it hurts. it's ok to feel. feeling is human and it's ok it's ok we all do it stop pretending we don't have to be unfeeling robots, we don't have to be tough. you don't have to be tough amanda you don't have to be tough and stop apologizing for being soft. those moments of softness are beautiful meaningful moments (and god i don't care that i sound like someone i'd tell to shut the fuck up) to be celebrated. i am a human that cares for other humans and i know i'm never going to be number 1 on my list of priorities. that's me and that's it. anyone who has ever called me selfish and caused me to question that part of myself: i forgive you for you couldn't have meant it. i care for you and i care what you think of me. i care if you love me, i care if you think i'm beautiful, i care if you think i'm kind and smart and generous. i care and i have time for your shit, always have time for this shit. and i do need this. and i will continue to take the abuse because it's worth it to me.

girl, you were always an angel.


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