Monday, December 10, 2012

Sorry, it's "whoever"

It'll make me feel better. I'll feel better. better better
better than what? better than whom?

who or whom? I have to say that's the one grammar rule that escaped me. I still have no idea which one to use.

How to proceed?!! What a life I've made. I settle more into mediocrity as the years go by, yet I still hang on to the naive promise that one day I'll be important. Oh, but aren't we all important? Whatever.

I think my social anxiety is improving...wait no, no it's not. I'm less crazy about leaving the house than I have been before but that's because I'm not fat.
Be glad you don't understand.
Rite Aid
Post Office
Dollar Brunswick
Court Tavern
Train Station
         PS what are you mineral deposits year-round even when it's not cold in the tunnel so you don't             have to go all the way down

Red and white and light steps on the ground on Somerset Street. It was dusk and I was hungry and behind on everything I should have been doing. I stopped trying to change my habits and embraced them instead. If I'm not going to do well, I might as well be happy. Yeah, fuck all of you.


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