Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The reason I never update this thing is because I rarely take out my laptop anymore. Yet today I felt I had something important enough to write about to warrant it.

........WHAT WAS IT.

Yesterday I had a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Also tomato soup and Boylan's root beer.

That can't be it.

What am I going to wear today?!! Something that accents my newly gigantic boobs. I was told the other day that it is strange that my idea of 'doing my hair' involves washing it and then going to sleep with it wet. And that I cut it straight across.......I'm not too sure about the last one myself; the only reason I like it is that it makes me look younger. and I am soooo fucking old now.

Whatever I intended to write about is now so clouded by all the bullshit I have just let enter my thoughts that I will never remember.


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