Monday, December 16, 2013

And All Our Bobbing Heads in Sync

I'm sure it is a waste of time. I'm sure it's always been a gigantic waste of time.
Blogging. What the hell? Who cares?
I know a few people care including me, so that's enough. I used to care more, but I've grown to realize people have better things to do than read the thoughts and feelings of a girl they used to know.

Said I wish I had a friend.
I wish I was comfortable with new friendship.
it takes me so long.

And I keep on. I know tomorrow will be the same but different. Different enough to keep me from feeling to restless. Similar enough to keep me on track.

On track for nothing. that's the answer.

I'm not saying too much I know. I'm not sure that I ever do, but I try. I get called 'white.' I take this is neither a compliment nor an insult, although I'm pretty sure it's meant something close to the latter. It doesn't suck for me, but it's an unfortunate fucking thing for everyone else. It's nothing new, but now race has been brought into it. It was never cool to do well in school. Never cool to know the answers or read books. I know I need to read books now because I get confused sometimes.


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