Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some College

That's going to be the title of my autobiographical piece of garbage. I don't think it really sums everything up, but it explains everything. That makes sense, trust me.

If I had finished college in 4 years after graduating high school, I would have entered the job market during the worst of the recession. So now we must take economics into consideration. ANYWAY, say I had gotten a job in some sort of small publishing house - I would not be where I am now. None of it.
Have you ever seen Sliding Doors?
OK, so we understand one another.
It's far from an original idea, but I find myself bubbling 'SOME COLLEGE' on more forms than I ever thought I would. It remains true, though; in the 14 credit gap between my 'some college' and 'bachelor's degree' exists a deep-water thermocline. In those last 14 credits exist the key to all knowledge!

I am stupid for not finishing, though, obviously. Stupid more for just giving up and not pushing through the end, not for lack of brain powers, which I also have but only tell few.

Here is a random picture of where you sit after you donate blood. It has nothing to do with anything but I'm trying to keep you guys entertained with Hidden Pictures type photos. That's not even an accurate description.

Anyway I just ate breakfast/lunch (no, it's not brunch unless there's alcohol involved, and yes, I thought about it), and I suddenly have energy. It's true; food does give you energy. I try to use coffee solamente and it doesn't really do the trick. 

Is it weird to listen to one song on repeat for hours/days/weeks...more? Dave thinks it's beyond weird, but I don't really see why. I guess it's outside the norm, but so is he haha. 

So I've been Christmas shopping the last few days. I love doing this shit. What I hate is that I have fewer days off and it just so happens that my rotating schedule has rotated me off on the weekends which means....people...other people shopping simultaneously...tourists looking up at everything, walking slowly with no purpose but to enjoy themselves. THESE ASSHOLIOS!!!! 

Also, none of you can see me, but I don't think I'm going to cut my hair even though I am in bad need of a trim. Indeed, folks, I'm in bad need of a trim.


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