Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm making an honest effort to go to the gym today.

I was walking on Lincoln Road two days ago and saw ads for Equinox and the chicks' legs were so perfect I knew I must go to the gym. However, I worried that Planet Fitness might not cut it, that I might only be able to achieve those legs through Equinox or predominant Scandinavian ancestry or professional airbrushing. Regardless, I'm going to make an honest effort.

What I really need to do is tighten up my stomach, legs and butt. It shouldn't take so long. I'm pretty sexy as it is.

Also I just came back from Miami and am already ready to go back. Good post, good post.

UPDATE: I've been trying to upload the ad picture for like an hour and a half to no end. Naturally I've used up all energy, motivation and time I had in doing so, and no longer have enough left of any to go to the gym.  OH WELL.

Here's those legs:

Yeah, say she's too skinny, but so am I.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but my New Year's resolution is to write in a journal more often. Today this has left me trying to blog post a girl's legs while simultaneously writing about my feelings and quotidian well as freaking out over organizing my apartment and what I can get rid of and what someone else might want and what will I get everyone for their birthdays anniversaries graduations that are in some cases months away and also it's cold and work and who am I working with and should I dust? Should I become a traveling beach bum, or should I at least wait until my pension vests? Did they even fix my pension? I should do the dishes and figure out what the fuck to do about my music situation, since I finally updated my phone to OS 6 which requires an iTunes update that my computer's OS doesn't support. FUCK YOU, APPLE! How am I supposed to illegally download music now?!?! I'm free I'm free I'm almost free but then you want to hold me back down and I flail too much to be safely subdued


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