Sunday, August 17, 2014

The places I walked through as a child so carefully.
frogs and raspberries and deer tracks
friends and muddy handprints
running from weird dudes
running running laughing
laughing so hard

And then as a young adult
stumbling alone
I tried to run but could not keep up
time and drugs drug me down
pulled me down to earth
clean clean dirt smelled of iron
and said
but I did not

I dug my fingers into the cold earth
brown sand and tiny multicolored pebbles
I rubbed it between my hands because we used to say
it was the Native Americans soap
before there was soap
Then I sat there no one will find me crying here
I'll puke up my dinner now
It's just tonight, tomorrow will be different
But don't I look pretty

And I'll rinse my mouth with the water I know. I'll drink until I am clean and now I feel cleansed
I look at my arms, feel each with my hands
my waist and my legs
yes i am ok
i'm ok i can go where I need


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